At ryokan Okutsuso, Okutsu Hotsprings

奥津荘In the tranquility deep in the mountainimmerse in traditional Japanese hospitality,and a hotspring of unparallelled quality - in reverie of old samurai days ....
At Okutsuso, a ryokan with history of close to about 90 years of catering most hearty hospitality since 1927,we guaranty you such an exquisite experience.3 1/2 hours of bus ride from Kyoto to this secluded placewill never fail to satisfy you.
Hotspring of Unparallelled Quality.It is Okutsuso's great pride that its hotspring is a truly genuine spring from the  earth, unparelled among some 35,000 hotspring facilities in Japan.It springs out right at the bottom of the bath, with no additional water nor heating.Thus, the natural hot water does not touch air, hence, not allows oxidization before flowing into the bathtub.This truly natural bath  is gathering visitors, not only Japanese but many from overseas also.
Tea Celemony

Tea Celemony

Your memorable stay begins with a tea ceremony,
a special way of ours to express our warm welcome and
gratitude to those who traveled a long way.
No need to worry about manners, just enjoy the taste
since ancient days and the atmosphere.

Detached Cabin Seikan-tei

Guest Rooms

In all the eight guest rooms of Okutsuso
you have a luxuty of enjoying the view of
the river that flows beside and its rippling sound.
Six rooms are ordinary Japanese style,
tatami-matted rooms,
and two "Special Rooms" are in a detached cabin.
Each of the "Special Rooms" has
an exclusive and independent outdoor bath
- hotspring water, of course.

While in the Japanese style,
tatami-matted rooms you are sleeping in futon
(cotton-filled bedding),
those who prefer western style beds to sleep
in can request the rooms (2) with beds.

Detached Cabin Seikan-tei. Detached Cabin Chohsen-tei. Kaede. Ginnan.
Onsen (Hotspring Baths)

Onsen (Hotspring Baths)

At Okutsuso you have the luxuty of
choices (or trying all) of four big hotspring baths at Okutsuso.
They are all "Natural Baths of Miracle," filled with natural hot water springing
right at your feet ,which can be seen only
in a few dozen places out of 35,000
hotspring hotels in Japan.

Prefer private bathing? We can offer that too.

Bathtubs are not necessary huge
but are suitable for true appreciation
of the good quality hotspring.

Kagiyu (Bath of the Key)

Kagiyu (Bath of the Key), comes from the historic tale
that a samurai lordof the region 400 years ago so
loved this hotspring that he locked the bathroom
to avoid others to use it.


Tachiyu means people bathe astand, unique for
Japanese hotsprings. Its tub is about 120 to 140 cm
(about 50 inches) deep while usual baths are about 60
to 70 cm (25 inches) deep.


At Kawanoyu you can enjoy the view of the river.
Kawanoyu is available for private bathing
upon reservation.


Izuminoyu is available for private bathing upon



At superb dinner you have several choices for entre.
You enjoy each dish not only its taste
but appearance of beautifuldish up
on Japanese traditional table ware
in which we express oursincere hospitality.



In the morning,, we serve Japanese
original breakfast by small plate.
Each volume is not so much but variety of
ingredients served by beautiful chinaware.

We are very much conscious about taste
which is not heavy but tasteful.
From breakfast table,
you can overlook glistening river,
clear sky and bright sunshine.
If you like, please come to breakfast with
your Yukata on.

  • Okutsuso

    48 Okutsu, Kagamino-cho, Tomata-gun, Okayama, 708-0503 Japan

    Phone: +81-(0)868-52-0021

  • From Kyoto or Osaka

    From Kyoto to Shin Osaka by bullet train (15min.)

    From Shin Osaka to Okutsu Onsen by bus (3.5 h)

  • From Hiroshima

    From Hiroshima to Okayama by bullet train (35min.)

    From Okayama to Tsuyama by Japan Rail (1h10m - 1h30m)

    From Tsuyama to Okutsu Onsen by bus (60 min.)

  • From Kurashiki

    From Kurashiki to Okayama by Japan Rail(20 min.)

    From Okayama to Tsuyama by Japan Rail(1h10m - 1h30m)

    From Tsuyama to Okutsu Onsen by bus (60min.)